Is Your Business Prepared for a State Sales and Use Tax Audit?

For most businesses the administration of sales and use tax can seem obscure and unimportant, until it’s pushed to the forefront by the receipt of a sales and use tax notice of audit. Unfortunately for the business and its owners, it may already be too late once a notice of audit has been received. If the business has not been proactive in preparing for a potential audit by ensuring policies and procedures are in place to properly document, track and report every sale and purchase taking place during the business’s daily operations, the business may be in for a rude surprise when state auditors show up at the door requesting to review the company’s sales and purchasing records.

Every state that imposes a sales tax has laws on the books that allow state auditors to legally access, review and document a business’s tax accounts to ensure the businesses is in compliance with tax laws. Businesses that are out of compliance may be assessed tax due along with expensive penalties and interest being added on. Business owners may be held personally liable for all assessed tax, penalty and interest, even if business is no longer in operation. States may even file criminal charges against a business owner if fraud is suspected.

Business owners need to understand that sales and use tax collections have become second only to income tax as a source of revenue for most states. In states that do not have an income tax, such as Florida and Tennessee, sales and use tax collections account for as much as 85% of the state’s revenue. If you don’t believe states take sales and use tax enforcement seriously, just ask anyone who has had to endure an audit and they will tell you how difficult, time-consuming and potentially costly an audit can be.

Do you know how auditors determine which business transactions they will examine? Do you have any idea what records the business should be collecting and reviewing before the audit even begins? How about exempt sales the company may have had? Have the tax exempt transactions been properly documented and supported by a customer completed certificate of exemption? Do you understand what to do with a list of compliance errors an auditor has just handed you and then stated that tax is owed on all of them?

If you don’t know the answer to all the questions above, your business may be ill-prepared to undergo an auditing. One of the best things a business can do is be proactive in addressing sales and use issues before a notice of audit is received. Being prepared can not only save the business time and money, it can also help to keep audit assessments to a minimum.

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Luxurious Real Estate Encircles Oceanside California

Celebrated for its sandy beaches, diverse climate, and numerous recreational activities, Oceanside California is becoming a popular destination for both real estate and vacation. Many potential home buyers are initially intrigued by the beauty of the real estate Oceanside California. However, the charming atmosphere of this coastal community will soon capture almost anyone’s heart.

Pristine Beaches Line Real Estate Oceanside California

Situated between Los Angeles to the North and San Diego to the South, real estate Oceanside California rests in the ideal location. And with more than 3.5 miles of beach area, the appeal of the real estate Oceanside California surpasses many expectations. The Oceanside coastline is renowned for its flawless elegance, and remains one of the finest coastal areas on the West Coast.

The Oceanside vicinity is also well-known for its perfect climate. Winter temperatures range around 59 degrees, and summertime raises the thermometer to a pleasant 78 degrees. This variation in temperature allows for residents to enjoy an assortment of outdoor activities.

Affordable Options Abundant in Real Estate Oceanside California

The largest city in North San Diego County, Oceanside has a population of more than 160,000 residents. There are several housing options currently available in real estate Oceanside California. These possibilities include, single family homes, apartments, mobile housing, and assisted living facilities. To keep the pace with the increasing population, 3,500 new housing units are being added to the 55,000 units presently available in the area. Real estate Oceanside California will continue to prosper as the population and city expand.

Real estate Oceanside California has one of the most affordable housing markets in the county, and is considered to have some of the best coastal property bargains in the state. The average home price for real estate Oceanside California ranges from $450,000 to $600,000, a great price for a coastal resort town. The waterfront is home to older, more traditional neighborhoods, while new condos and single family homes rest closer to shore. Real estate Oceanside California has something for any style or price range.

Notable Spots Encompass Real Estate Oceanside California

Real estate Oceanside California is surrounded by various famed locations, and is home to several recreational activities. A favorite destination in the community is the Oceanside Pier. Perfect for any age, fisherman or surfer, this famous attraction is one of the longest recreational piers on the West Coast. Another noted locale in the area is Oceanside Harbor. The Harbor offers a captivating ambiance filled with restaurants, shops, and a lighthouse. The Harbor remains a venue for all water-oriented activities. Fishing, boating, and whale watching are all popular activities enjoyed at Oceanside Harbor.

With miles of gorgeous beaches, those fortunate enough to invest in real estate Oceanside California can always bask in the radiance of the sunshine or take a dip in the Pacific Ocean. Possessing one of the prime beach locations in the west, Oceanside provides easy beach accessibility and ample parking; just another reason to choose this community as a real estate or vacation destination.

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Why Marketing Research Is Necessary

All business is conducted under conditions of risk and uncertainty. The success or failure of any business is dependent on a whole complex of factors; the economic situation, the changing tastes of consumers, the extent and nature of competitive activity are just a few of them.

Business decisions, and especially marketing decisions, are decisions about the future. Marketing has been described as ‘making the future happen’. Since the future cannot be totally known, the uncertainty cannot be completely removed, or the risks be precisely calculated.

However, it is asking for trouble not to use whatever information is available. Many facts can be known and unnecessary risk can thus be avoided.

For example, while a firm can very easily know how its own sales are progressing, this information is relatively meaningless without knowledge of the total size of the market and whether that is increasing or decreasing. A company may be confident in the knowledge of a rising sales curve but unaware of the fact that the total market is increasing at an even greater rate, so that really it is losing ground, with a reducing market share.

Often information on the total market for a product is freely available: government statistics, trade associations or similar sources. If it is not freely available in this way, market research techniques can be used to get it. But this is just one example of the vital necessity for information about the market situation.

The overwhelming reason for carrying out market research, however, is to keep open the channels of communication between customers and ourselves so that we can more effectively understand and then satisfy their needs.

Marketing Information Systems

In a well-ordered and sophisticated marketing-oriented organization marketing research will be part of a totally integrated marketing information system encompassing information derived from:
1. The internal accounting system, especially sales analysis;

2. Market intelligence or the capturing of information from many sources, including the media, industry reports, etc., regarding matters such as the economic situation and competitor activity;

3. Market research of all kinds:

a. What is the size of the market (in terms of volume and/or value) and is it decreasing or increasing?
b. What are the market shares of ourselves and our competitors and are these changing?
c. How is the size and trend of the market influenced by various factors (economic, social, seasonal)?
d. What is the composition of the market in terms of age groups, income groups, size of company or geographical area?
e. What are the main distribution channels and how do they function?;

4. Competitor Research:

a. What competitors are there and how do their product ranges, prices etc., compare?
b. What are their marketing strategies?
c. How are their products distributed, advertised, packaged?
d. How does their sales force operate?
e. Are any new competitors likely to enter the market?

5. Product Research:

a. Who are our customers and what are their needs?
b. Which products do consumers prefer and why?
c. Are proposed new products acceptable?
d. Do consumers have complaints about products presently on the market which could indicate a possible new product opportunity?
e. What is customer’s reaction to new product concepts?

6. Advertising/Marketing Communications Research

a Who reads which publications; who watches/listens to which TV/radio channels?
b. Are existing or proposed advertising campaigns communicating effectively?
c. What are the motivations that activate consumers and is our advertising correctly interpreting them?
d. How do customers react to proposed advertising themes (copy-testing)?


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What Is Required to Know About Payday Loans?

Some Things to Consider about Loans

In most cases, payday loans do not require you to run a credit check, and additionally it’s noteworthy that borrowers can get the cash they need in their hands, within a day’s time (with many lenders, within one hour of applying for the loan).

This is the main reason borrowers turn to these loans, especially if they have poor credit ratings. The fact that they can get cash in their hands, immediately, and without having to wait for the longer waiting period with a traditional loan, makes the payday loans option an attractive one. It is fast, easy and also it goes quite quickly.

With the benefit of having cash right away, a borrower is also going to find there are other implications they have to deal with. The main drawback of taking out this type of loan is that the interest rates are extremely high (generally 18 % and higher, depending on the lender, and what terms they have set forth). Finding a good balance between the loan amount and interest rate is the ideal balance.

In many cases, borrowers can request a longer repayment term (some lenders will offer up to 90 days, and onwards up to 6 months), but along with this longer repayment term, they are also going to see the interest add on (with various lenders it is a flat interest rate, but is higher than a traditional loan would be). Again, being aware of interest rates on loans allows you to easily calculate the total amount owed based on your repayment plan decisions.

Comparing Lenders

When choosing to take out payday loans, borrowers are going to want to take the time to compare a few lenders. Due to the fact that there are many online lenders, the borrower also has to be aware of the fact that there are scam artists online as well. So, in deciding to apply for a loan, and giving personal information about yourself, a borrower has to be sure the lender is legit.

Getting to Know a Lender

Taking the time to research a bit, and learn about the lender will give borrowers information about the loans, and whether or not they should apply. For those lenders which are legit, borrowers will find the application takes only a couple minutes to complete, they do not have to fax in any forms, and they can generally have the cash in their account within a 24 hour time period. This is the most appealing thing for many looking to procure an online loan.

No matter what you need the payday loans for (from paying the rent, to purchasing groceries), or how much you need to borrow, there are lenders out there that are willing to extend the loan, regardless of a borrower’s credit score, or their monthly income. There are a myriad of sites with numerous payback plans to fit your needs.

You really have to go out there and read the different lender’s websites, find out the different terms and then make an informed choice. Do not rush in to then regret a decision made in haste.

When to take out a Loan

For this benefit provided by the lender, borrowers who do take out the payday loans will find they are going to be paying a higher interest rate, and they might be paying other fees for the loan, but when they are in need of the cash for emergency situations, payday loans are a great thing to take out for many borrowers, especially those who would be declined a traditional loan due to credit issues.

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